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Text not showing in boxes when typing

This is an issue with internet explorer. In order to resolve the issue do the following:

  • Click Tools
  • Compatibility View Settings
  • Uncheck the box that says Display intranet sites in compatibility view
  • Click Close

Finding How many times i've taught a standard

ePlan can tell you how many times you've taught a certain standard and even what lessons that standard is attached to. 

  • At the top of the page click Standards
  • Choose the standard category you want to drill down into
  • You'll see red circles on the standards you haven't covered yet
  • You'll see green circles with the number of times you have covered the standard on standards you have covered
  • Clicking the green circle will provide you with a list of lessons that standard is attached to

Creating a New Planner

View Video Here

Move a lesson to a different day

You can change the date of any of your lessons by simply dragging them to the new date in calendar view mode.

  • Just click and drag one of your lessons on the calendar to the new date you would like it to be on.

Build - 1.2.0